ATG – Podcast #14 Part 1

In this episode I talk with my long time friends Jeff and Paul Young about brewing and their new Brewery thats close to opening. Just some friends hanging out talking and having fun. We got a little carried away hence the 2 parter. Enjoy!


ATG Podcast #14 – Bill from Castoff

In this podcast I interview my good buddy Bill from Castoff. Great skate punk band from San Diego in my opinion. We just talk about the history of the band and BS the rest of the way through. Enjoy. bill

ATG Podcast #13 – The Lucky Eejits

I got to interview The Lucky Eejits for this episode and it’s awesome! The Lucky Eejits are a 3 piece punk rock band from Oakland Ca. and are some of the coolest dudes I have met in awhile. We talked about the history of the band and where they are going. Check it out!Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 5.17.30 PM

ATG Podcast #12

Short and sweet. Cool tunes, cool record labels and some bad ass talking. JK. Check out this episode that has some OUTLAID! Records bands and some friends bands.



ATG Podcast #11


This episode is all about the Damnit Jims. Our good friend Damon helped us out and interviewed us for the podcast. We play a couple of tunes and get into it. Exciting stuff here. We were in Las Vegas for the Squidhat Records anniversary showcase. Good times indeed


ATG Podcast #10

Hello FOLKS! It’s been awhile but here it is. I play some nostalgic songs from my 98 punk rock days, and play some Vegas bands I love. Enjoy

.Photo on 11-27-15 at 7.25 AM #3

ATG Podcast #9

All Acoustic All the time! You get the point. I play some rad songs I have loved over the years but mostly recent years. I know I forgot tons of acoustic songs from back in the day but oh well. Enjoy this punk rock acoustic episode.

FullSizeRender 2


Pulley is one of my favorite punk rock bands. The punk rock family tree is pretty big with this band. I some music from bands that members of pulley have been in and explore this awesome history. Sit back and enjoy a look at PULLEY!



ATG Podcast #7

It’s interview time. In this episode I interview Zac Damon who is an old friend of mine. He is currently in Screeching Weasel and has been in several other bands that I totally dig. I love this episode and I could have talked for another 2 hours. Thanks for checking it out.

Zac Damon

ATG Podcast #6

This podcast is all about Squidhat Records in Las Vegas. Tons of great bands on that label and I am a big part of this label. I love it and want to share it with you guys and gals.