ATGPodcast #18 Dany from Rayner

Have you ever wanted to hang out with your friends, drink beer and listen to records? We have to. We did just that. Good talks about some bands you haven’t heard about and some dumb opinions on music. Thanks for listening.

Rayner – Forward Thinking
Entropy – Charles berry
Failing Up – Parasite
Audio Learning Center – Favorite
Supportive Parents – Swing and a Miss
Problem Daughter – Lousy Smarch Weather
Hot Snakes – Plenty For All
Hodera – North Dakota
White Reaper – Eagle Beach

ATGPodcast #17 Sydney Mae & Andy

Today we re introduce ATG podcast with a new partner Sydney Mae. Together Sydney and Andy can actually talk to each other and play songs and interview bands instead a one man show. Pretty stoked on how this came out and we are looking forward to bringing a weekly podcast back!

ATGPodcast #16 Jan Drees from The Shell Corporation

Jan Drees from The Shell Corporation let me talk to him for this one. I totally dig this band and Jan is a really cool and easy guy to talk to. I hope you enjoy 2 dudes who love music talk over some beers.
Check them out here. Check out the studio we talk about here to. Thanks for listening.

ATG – Podcast #15

The Quitters
The Damnit Jims
Surrounded by Thieves
Kid You Not
Western Settings
Ninjas With Syringes
The Lippies
Boys on the Wall

ATG- Podcast #14 Part 2

More of the same. Talking with friends.

ATG – Podcast #14 Part 1

In this episode I talk with my long time friends Jeff and Paul Young about brewing and their new Brewery thats close to opening. Just some friends hanging out talking and having fun. We got a little carried away hence the 2 parter. Enjoy!


ATG Podcast #14 – Bill from Castoff

In this podcast I interview my good buddy Bill from Castoff. Great skate punk band from San Diego in my opinion. We just talk about the history of the band and BS the rest of the way through. Enjoy. bill

ATG Podcast #13 – The Lucky Eejits

I got to interview The Lucky Eejits for this episode and it’s awesome! The Lucky Eejits are a 3 piece punk rock band from Oakland Ca. and are some of the coolest dudes I have met in awhile. We talked about the history of the band and where they are going. Check it out!Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 5.17.30 PM

ATG Podcast #12

Short and sweet. Cool tunes, cool record labels and some bad ass talking. JK. Check out this episode that has some OUTLAID! Records bands and some friends bands.



ATG Podcast #11


This episode is all about the Damnit Jims. Our good friend Damon helped us out and interviewed us for the podcast. We play a couple of tunes and get into it. Exciting stuff here. We were in Las Vegas for the Squidhat Records anniversary showcase. Good times indeed