ATGPodcast #28 – Dan Panic Screeching Weasel, The Queers ETC. ETC. ETC.

Hello and welcome back Against The Grain Podcast. Im back. Been too long. I won’t do that anymore I promise.

In this episode I took an interview I did for a radio show with Dan Panic. It was totally awesome meeting a guy I look up to and a guy who has been on so many albums that I grew up with. Totally amazing to talk with this guy. Thanks Dan.

ATGPodcast #27 – Steven Matview of Punks In Vegas

I had a great hang out session With Steven Matview of Punks In Vegas. We talk about how Punks In Vegas started and some cool things Steven has done to help his community. You can go here to check out Punks In Vegas merch where all the proceeds go to charity. You can go here to check out Punks In Vegas.

Rayner – Blurred Limes
Ant-Vision – No Place Like Home
Better Broken – This Plane
Brock Frabbiele – A is For Asshole
Moon Blood – Violent Acts

ATGPodcast #26

We talk with Kiel from Hard Pipe Hitters in this episode. I had some minor difficulties with the new recorder I got and I didn’t record part of the history of The Hard Pipe Hitters, but it still turned out ok. Enjoy the shit talking and beer drinking.